Cherry Creek North

Top Restaurants, Bars, Boutique Shopping, and State-of-the-Art Lighting

Cherry Creek North is renowned for innovative development. Since its founding over 140 years ago, it has emerged as a staple in the fabric of Denver and Colorado, becoming a unique, mixed-use district. It is now home to around 600 businesses, and is a hub for residents and tourists alike to relax and indulge in the mix of classic and contemporary retail and restaurants, and live events.

The area is built on a foundation of high-quality construction and refined design. Consequently, when the client engaged Lumascape, we were keen to determine which products would precisely meet their requirements.

Unique to the project was a series of striking sails cleverly scattered throughout the area. The client wanted to utilise these and manipulate light to control the atmospherics – to positively influence the moods of people in the area.

With the live events, and people gathering at all hours of the day to enjoy what was on offer, we agreed dimming and light show capabilities were essential.

To realise the desired effects, a colour-changing, wallmount LED luminaire was selected to deliver. The low-profile design combined with precise engineering of the LS421LED Centria, which allows for maximum longevity and stunning light output, beautifully complemented the client’s vision.

Equipped with its LED lighting system, Cherry Creek North will continue to blossom as the premium standard for living and recreation.