Balitza BA3 - LS592

A highly compact accent luminaire ideal for ground-level lighting effects

Product Overview

The LS592 Balitza Micro is the smallest in the Balitza series. It is constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel with Lumascape’s proprietary ElectroPolishPlus™ process in order to give a long life to the surface finish and provide excellent corrosion resistance in harsh environments such as coastal locations. It is a compact accent luminaire, utilizing a low-voltage halogen lamp to create low-level lighting effects.


Power Consumption 20W Lamp Type T3 halogen (G4) IP Rating IP66 Compliance CE Color Options Warm White


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20W Halogen (293)

Lamp not included.

Head Type


Apex (H)

Level (F)

Input Voltage


12V AC, 50Hz (07)

12V AC, 50Hz (07)