Linealux L5 Generation 2 - LS9050

A high-output linear graze luminaire for architectural and infrastructure applications.

Product Overview

The Linealux L5 is a high-powered architectural grade luminaire that combines technology and performance in a stylish linear form factor. Packed with features including EasyGlow™ visual comfort and CoolDrive™ thermal management technologies. PowerSync™ allows for highly granular digital control via common protocols. Unique and flexible optics allow wide end-to-end spacing whilst maintaining excellent uniformity. Designer lens options are offered as standard to provide superb color-over-angle consistency and blending of colors even at close blending distances. Available in white, color-changing and tunable white light engines.


Lumen Output 2,163 lm/ft Power Consumption 19 W/ft, 23 W/ft Typical Lifetime (TM21 Reported) > 60,000 hours @ 50°C Ambient (B10, L90, TM21 Reported) Typical Lifetime (TM21 Projected) 71,575 hours @ 50°C Ambient (B10, L90, TM21 Projected) Input Voltage International: 220-240 Vac, 50 Hz | North America: 120/277 Vac, 60 Hz Earth Leakage 0.2 mA @ 120 Vac, 0.42 mA @ 240 Vac, 0.24 mA @ 277 Control Interface PowerSync Control Protocol DMX/RDM, Artnet, PWM, 0-10 V (Sink or Source) IP Rating IP66 / IP67 (Passes IP68 Test) IK Rating IK6 Vibration Resistance 3G Rating (ANSI 136.31) Compliance ETL - USA & Canada CE UKCA RCM Color Options Warm White Cool White RGBA RGBW with Royal Blue Tunable White Data Sheet



LS6540 PowerSync Data Injector, Line Voltage, Generation 2
LS6402C-PS Leader Cable, Line Voltage, 4-Core, PowerSync
LS6402C-2.5-PS Leader Cable, Line Voltage, 4-Core, PowerSync, 2.5 mm²
LS6404C-PS Jumper Cable, Line Voltage, 4-Core, PowerSync
LS6404C-2.5-PS Jumper Cable, Line Voltage, 4-Core, PowerSync, 2.5 mm²
Glare Control  
LS6209 External / Slatted Louver- 1'
LS6210 External / Slatted Louver- 2'
LS6211 External / Slatted Louver- 3'
LS6212 External / Slatted Louver- 4'
LS6213 External Shield / Visor 1-sided - 1'
LS6214 External Shield / Visor 1-sided - 2'
LS6215 External Shield / Visor 1-sided - 3'
LS6216 External Shield / Visor 1-sided - 4'
LS6217 External Shield / Visor 3-sided - 1'
LS6218 External Shield / Visor 3-sided - 2'
LS6219 External Shield / Visor 3-sided - 3'
LS6220 External Shield / Visor 3-sided - 4'
LS6147 Link Key
LS6221-06     6" (152 mm) Stand Off Bracket
LS6221-12 12" (305 mm) Stand Off Bracket  
LS6221-18 18" (47 mm) Stand-Off Bracket
LS6221-24 24" (610 mm) Stand-Off Bracket
LS6221-48 48" (1,219 mm) Stand-Off Bracket

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